Tramadol: The most dangerous drug in the world

This is another scare article that makes little sense. You listed a handful of countries out of the almost two hundred in the world today. Then you rambled on and on about the addictiveness of tramadol. I developed fibromyalgia nine years ago, and it took years to find a doctor who could come up with a formula of meds that could give me relief. Tramadol is one of the three meds that gave me my life back! I have not once in all the years I’ve taken tramadol had a single urge to take more pills, or take them more often, than as prescribed. If I don’t have the proper mix of the three meds, I go into a fibro flare with much muscle pain. With the three working together, one of them being tramadol, I can function most of the time. Just leave me the heck alone. I will take this med as long as it’s available! And I won’t overdose on it. My husband was prescribed tramadol for the pain from shingles recently, and it did Nothing, absolutely Nothing, to dull the pain. He stopped taking it. No withdrawal, no desire to take more. It took hydrocodone to make a dent in his pain. And I’m just hoping we don’t have withdrawal symptoms from that medicine. But we’ll deal with that when the shingles is gone. Bottom line: You people should concentrate on the medications that are a Real Problem in our country. And quit trying to scare people!

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