On “Woke” White People Advertising their Shock that Racism just won a Presidency
Courtney Parker West

You’re right, of course. I have to think about this for a while. Because when I wrote my post, The Crack that Grew, I was thinking of my experiences and multicultural family, not specifically on the depression people of color are feeling. And I didn’t say the young man with whom I had a long conversation at Trader Joe’s was a person of color. I just didn’t think about saying it. My granddaughter texted me to say she’d been crying all day on Wednesday, and while I comforted her, I didn’t think to ask what was going on with her regarding racial fears. I’ll see her this weekend and ask. I haven’t yet talked to my neighbors across the street about the election. We talk about leaves and getting them raked. Thank you for your post and for your clear and concise writing. I’ll remember.

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