Calling immigrants animals, invaders, criminals and intentionally inflicting pain and fear to shoo desperate people away are reprehensible and unforgivable — as is the intentional but often subtle encouragement of fear, loathing, bigotry, hate and violence against other human beings.

Lying about anything and everything over and over to fill the air space with noise, innuendo. bullying and lies to silence any response.

Driving away international partners, allies and friends through imagined threats and false information created to fit the fantasy of power sought by a petty would-be tyrant looking for tools to beat others into submission without regard to the havoc created at home and abroad.

Seeking to abrogate The Constitution and Standing Law by ignoring it when convenient and demanding supervening loyalty from those bearing the legal duty to uphold the standards.

AND, IT IS ESPECIALLY NOT OKAY to reference the “McConnell Standard” that was inflicted on Obama and Garland as the key reason to delay nominating and confirming a new Supreme Court Judge. Rather, the standard should be to prevent the “suspect in chief” from picking the judge in the midst of ongoing investigations in which the “suspect in chief”may be be a central figure. Those investigations must be completed before confirming the judges who may have to render decisions. This is the inconvenience caused by blatant disregard for the pillars of our government and those who would deliberately ignore this disregard for political agendas no matter the destruction of our civic life and democratic government.