Thanks and gratitude

8 months ago my life changed after finding out that my lupus was once again active and as a result, I also had kidney disease again. I made the choice to be very open and honest in real life and also on social media. This is always risky, but since lupus is one of those “invisible illnesses” and is often misunderstood or not believed, I felt I needed to be open to help others understand this is real, and also to help those who may be suffering, but are afraid to speak up.

I’ve documented my progress-the good and the bad. It was hard for me to open up because I’m usually pretty private. I was concerned how this would be looked at by others. Would they think I was weak or would they think I was complaining? Would they just not care? But more than anything, I needed to write about it for myself.

So I shared my story. And to my surprise-you (or some of you) followed me along. You cared. You asked if I was ok. You asked if there was anything you could do to help me. You dropped off books, food, presents, and sent flowers, gifts, and cards. And you even helped me financially when I was out of work for a while. And most importantly, you didn’t give up on me. And so far, you haven’t gotten bored with my story and you want to know the updates.

I don’t think there are enough words in the dictionary to explain how completely grateful I am for this tremendous outpouring of love. It has been so unexpected. Some of you I don’t know well and even a few I don’t know at all, but you still wished me well and let me know you were thinking of me. The kindness I have been shown has been exactly what I needed, especially on some of the harder days. And it has been a huge motivator in helping me push through this journey. That just proves that kindness can make such a positive difference in another persons life. So from the bottom of my heart-THANK YOU! I promise you that I will pay it forward in any way that I can.