Super Moon

• 22 taurus • prose & a prayer

Monday 11.14.16 pm • woman’s circle of 7

Luminous celestial sphere

SUPER MOON glowing

pulsing, steady, diffused


translating, transmuting

generously gifting

Light unconditionally

radically, peacefully


Divine Disco Dance

for all of nature

ecstatically ignited


I feel my truest, deepest calling and purpose is being highlighted by your touch dear moon. All my selves have been awakened. Keep me and my multitudes in your gaze as I move into the wild unknown future. Contjnue to refine my expression in your soft clear selfless insistance. I am in awe and purest joy in your presence. Hold me in your gaze as I become more of me than ever before. May your gentle super peaceful power heal all who see you and feel your light.