In late spring I started on the Fifth Size Book Adventure. It first led me into the mysterious stacks of Newcastle City Library to spend an hour browsing for inspiration amongst some of their largest books that are not on public display.

18th or early 19th century chart of the North Sea.

During that hour, I followed shipping routes across the North Sea established at least 400 years ago, I saw ancient Roman forts and ancient Egyptian rituals, colourful exotic birds, beautiful textiles from India, cutting edge early 19th century engineering, and the Apocalypse.

Sometimes I take photographs of the pigeons in urban areas. In my city garden, wood pigeons and collared doves are frequent visitors. The wood pigeons land awkwardly on the finer branches, almost fall off, and then drive me mad with their monotonous cooing.

But it’s the feral pigeons in the more public areas and centre of the city that I photograph. They are remarkable in how they’ve adapted to our cities and exploit the food humans drop or leave. Watch how they respond to different people. …

Janet E Davis

Artist, art & design historian; public heritage on web; loves gaining knowledge, organising info; enjoys making new websites; volunteer with Ouseburn Trust.

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