Adrenal Support

Food is meant to energize and power our bodies yet what we put in our mouth can result in the opposite. Poor food choices can send me spiraling downward emotionally and energetically. The process speeds up when I omit foods that support adrenal glands. Does this sound familiar?

If you are like me when you are tired, whether emotionally or physically, you are likely to eat bad food choices. We do this because those foods are normally convenient, easy to grab comfort foods. They contain high levels of sugar, carbs and some processed stuff I do not want to think about. Just like the hamster on the wheel I keep going until I find myself in a place I do not want to be, worn out and not making progress. I have now pulled myself down into a lower state and begin to settle in….

The first change in restoring the balance in our body is to eliminate sugar and caffeine. (Both of these are hard on the adrenals.) While eliminating these items focus on healthy proteins, whole foods and good probiotics. This simple change will allow your body to begin obtaining what it needs to function correctly. Your body is the most valuable possession you will ever have. It is absolutely vital you treat it how it deserves to be treated. If you put junk in, junk is what you become. Are you willing to make a change?