Adrenal Support & Supplemental Support

In my previous post I discussed how adrenal health is impacted by diet. I want to clarify even if you are eating right, there are still gaps in your nutrition; you are still missing specific nutrients our bodies require to rebuild and maintain our adrenal system.

While there may be more, the ones that majority of professionals agree upon are what our focus is today. The list at first glance of what our bodies need may seem extensive but the good news is they are in doterra’s Life Long Vitality supplements.

In addition to the LLV we have our Mito2Max with specific herbs like Ashwaghanda and coQ10, etc. It provides amazing adrenal support and is completely natural. Although my husband always took supplements I really did not see the need since I eat so many fruits and vegetables. Once I began immersing myself into the culture of Doterra I thought I should give them a try. With the new formula I am getting the perfect amount, not too much or too little. They changed the face of supplements. Have you tried them? They come with a money back promise.

Below is a message from my friend as she reflected on what was discussed yesterday. Caffeine destroys your adrenals and sugar destroys your immune system. Eliminating both of these is the most important change you can make immediately. When we are exhausted, we generally reach for coffee, tea, or some stimulant of some sort. But this chemically stimulates our body which fakes out the adrenals and actually makes them weaker. So begin TODAY eliminating these things and finding healthier options. For a mid day pick me up…I recommend one drop of Peppermint Essential oil and one drop of Wild orange. Inhale deeply about 5–6 times, then rub on forearms and forehead. You’ll love it! Also, the new emotional blend called MOTIVATE is what I use to get me up and rolling in the morning when I’m tempted to reach for coffee.