Is it worth getting a membership?

There are many times I receive offers for discounts if I only pay $xx for an annual membership. Most of them I quickly feed through the paper shredder, knowing they are not worth my investment. But there are a few memberships that are well worth the cost of joining.

Amazon Prime is my BFF during the Christmas season. I have family and friends scattered across the mainland and Hawaii. Being able to get free shipping is a huge perk for me. There are companies that will not ship, no way, no how to our islands. I cannot grasp why they do not realize flat rate boxes can be mailed to Hawaii. I digress! Not only is the shipping a great perk, it seems I have added bonuses with the membership. Costco is an absolute must have membership in the islands. Ironically it has become my grocery store; I did need to learn basic 101 of shopping there since space at home is limited and quantities are large. I get back money at the end of the year with the upgraded membership that more than pays for the original output. I make sure to check the featured items plus while shopping I get a free lunch via the samples.

Netflix membership is awesome. We have loved it, neglected it but now I am hooked on the streaming of movies and TV shows. It provides countless hours of quality viewing for little investment. My Prime also includes movie benefits.

Essential oil membership was one I really did not see an advantage to. I was only going to use oils once in awhile; which meant membership would be a waste. Fast forward to learning about essential oils and how they support body systems. This is now my #1 membership. I love the perks. For $35 I get 25% off all purchases. The must have bottle of frankincense drops from $93 to under $70. That is more than ½ of the membership in one oil purchase. I teach school which results in my being exposed to all types of illness. I really do not like getting sick which makes the protective blend a must have. I save $10 with membership, add in the beadlets and my membership already saved me money. Three items and I have my investment back.
Add other benefits from membership and I actually save or make money. Using the Loyalty Reward Program I get free product of the month ($15 value normally) with a $125 point value order, shipping is credited back in points and I get additional 30% of total order back in points. Some months there is a free product worth $90 retail with qualifying order. I also receive the Power of Three Bonus and commissions.
Even if I did not get the commission or bonus I still save money. I use oils and products for everything in my home. I cook with oils, clean my home with oils, use them aromatically, topically and internally to support body functions. Why buy things in store that I can get with my membership that gives me back so much?
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