BC DeGraff

Hey BC — just to chime in: Brooklyn was definitely only the tip of the suppression iceberg. I live in the Bronx. Hubby and I mysteriously also got our votes purged… after living in the same neighborhood for 30+ years with no voting glitches whatsoever. But when we walked into the polls to vote for Bernie — our names were mysteriously “misplaced”. (Hubby’s in the Republican book, mine completely missing.)

Needless to say, our affadavit ballots were officially thrown out by the BOE a week later. We complained, but to no effect.

Interesting how that happened AFTER we’d donated to Sanders’ campaign, and there was that data server breech which made the info available to the DNC in general.

We were also easy targets. Hubby had previously been registered Republican, and I’d been registered Independent. We’d officially registered Dem after Obama’s first run. And somehow, that paperwork…. disappeared.

Then there’s the issue of closed primaries and the NY deadline in general. Both anti-Democratic voter suppression as well. But in our case, direct registration tampering was clearly involved. :(

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