“ would you consider it completely within your women coworker’s rights if they joked about your…
James Wight

James —

But…. sexual jokes on a female side would surely include such things as: “Oooooh, I wonder how big he is! Should we grab him and find out?” And “Hmmmm, Mr. Coworker — are you as good in bed as you are with that stapler? Really? Can you demonstrate for me?” Etc, etc.

I guarantee that such behavior would be objected to by men — at least after a day or two. And particularly, if it were by women that the men weren’t attracted to.

Then, imagine if those men were given promotions based on how obsequious they were to such female advances — vs. their skills appropriate to the industry they worked in.

In other words, just like you, I’m talking about sexual propositions, jokes, etc… and explaining exactly how toxic and objectionable (and anti-merit based) men would find them, if *they* were the target of such behavior.

Would you want to work in a job where you got a raise based on how much groping and comments you smiled and put up with — and where your productivity and work was an afterthought?

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