Democrats Choosing Sanders to Lead are Leaving Too Much of their Base Behind
Sasha Stone

Speaking as one of the 125,000+ people who had their vote mysteriously “purged” in NYC alone, it’s hard for me to read this and not throw up. Especially given the number of Trump voters that I spoke to over the course of the election cycle, trying to change their vote to Bernie or Jill. Guess what I heard NON-STOP? “Yeah, Bernie’s cool. I’ll consider him. But Hillary — NEVER.” Which made it crystal clear who was better suited to win against Trump — the actual populist, Sanders. Especially when you consider that Sanders regularly led Trump in matchup polls by 10–15%, vs. being neck and neck with HRC. If Hillary had *cared* about our country’s future, she therefore wouldn’t have stolen the primary, and would’ve stepped aside for a Sanders campaign. And those who have been in the trenches and politically on the street — vs. sitting in a Washington or high income bubble — know that Sanders would’ve won in a landslide. A major shame. Especially since that leaves HRC directly responsible for the blood of EVERY WOMAN who’ll be forced into a back alley abortion if Gorsuch helps overturn Roe v. Wade. But — her “Legacy” was more important that “little people”’s lives, I guess. :(

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