How to FEEL Like You Matter

We are matter, like a rock. We have the ability to focus thoughts. We’re smarter than a rock. Right?

Mind over matter. What does that mean anyway? It means that our mind controls matter. Literally. Our body is matter. It is physical, occupies space, and is measurable even at rest. It moves through space and time. We Humans are matter in motion.

The matter of us is determined by how we meditate (or think, contemplate, or concentrate). The motion the matter of us moves is called “Life”. Meditation in motion is what I teach. How we think AND feel dictates how our physical body reacts and behaves. We know that if we continuously think negative thoughts about ourselves, others, or the world around us, we create dis-ease within the body. We can see and feel that when we’re stressed and we get a headache or a recurring knot in a muscle.

There is a correlation with what we feel and think and the area of the body that’s effected. If we feel that we are unsafe, we create inflammation, addictions, and hip problems. When we have a fear (that we’ll fail, be judged, mess up, etc.), our entire lower gut region reacts in a myriad of ways, from issues with the sexual organs and even lower back/lumbar pain. When we are unable to take the first step in our heart’s desire for fear of making a mistake or like we can’t muster up the power or courage to do so, it tugs at our heart and we create digestive or adrenal issues. If we are living in all of the “shoulds” and not hearing what makes our heart sing, we begin to have lung problems, as well as breast and heart ailments. When we speak about all the things we dislike or that we’re judging, throat, mouth, and cervical problems arise. If we do not see ourselves fully, truthfully, for the love-based Beings that we all are and we pick ourselves apart instead, we will easily have eye and pituitary gland problems. Lastly, if we are out of touch with what we are here on Earth to do and instead do do do for others because it is what we are “supposed to do”, we tend to lean toward anxiety, depression, and even pineal gland issues.

Now what? Use your noodle! Use your mind to navigate, decide, and create the thoughts you think. Ooh, but reality! Yep. Be a superhuman and use your thoughts in a way that will not only increase your physical well Being, your emotional well Being thrives. And when that happens, you notice something very interesting. You notice that some of the crappy reality falls away and you see what’s actually good in the world. And then, hold your horses, because you actually physically and emotionally FEEL better. Holla! And then (yes, there’s even more that benefits from this superhuman power of focus) you can connect with others in a real way. AND! You even think of solutions to all the crappy reality because you feel actual inspiration and can think in a forward way, not in the backward focused way that’s steeped in fear.

Past generations have been really good at looking at the past and fearfully creating the future. Enter Trumple. The generation of Now is more capable because we now know that the backward focus is really the slowest way to move forward. We want to be present so we can intentionally create the future we all deserve. And that future FEELS a certain way. Personally, I want a future that’s peaceful, welcoming, safe, loving, cultural, exciting, easy, calm, uplifting, and abundant. How do I get that future? Easy peasy. I focus my thoughts to be present, and I appreciate what I do have. I have compassion for those who do not see the perfection in the uniqueness they are, for they deserve that knowing too. When my thoughts start to go into the space of the aforementioned places that cause dis-ease, I literally feel it in my body. My blood pressure may increase, my head may pound, my stomach may ache. Thanks body for letting me know! I then know I’m not being a fully aware Human and I shift my focus.

You can’t let go. You can shift focus though. Letting go of a thing (or thought) is still having it in focus. It’s like if I say to not think of the number 8. Yeah, right. Or I can tell you to think of a grey bunny. You can focus your thought over letting a thought go. Use your brain. Your physical body will tell you if you’re focusing on a thing that isn’t serving you. And over time, it gets louder. Quiet that noise.

Why should I really shift my thoughts and focus? Your body and emotional state will thank you. And get this amazing news: when you think positively, or in a way that benefits your well Being, you start to heal. Yep, for real heal. Think about it. Negative thoughts harm. No thoughts (distraction zone of TV or social media for example) lead to nothing much, otherwise known as stagnation. If what you’re distracting with has a message of something that brings discomfort (news perhaps) or joy (puppy videos or inspirational somethings) your emotional and physical state will still be effected. In cases like this, your body will be reacting, you just won’t be as aware. It’s like you’re asleep and breathing in carbon monoxide. Then you wake up, or not. Oops. Unless you’re awake and know how to focus your thoughts will you thrive to a fuller capacity. It is the capacity of a Human. Anyway, the important part is that if you think AND feel positively, you literally heal. Let your matter actually matter.

Negative thoughts equals dis-ease. Positive thought (and feelings!) equals a well Being, a physically and emotionally well Human. And worst case scenario if this resonates and you give it a whirl?? You feel better and life is more joyful. Ooh. Yeah. Take the chance.

All this to say, Mind Your Matter. Be intentional. Be focused. You’re a Human and it really is your superpower. Nothing else on Earth has this ability.