Small Steps to Health

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  1. Start by drinking more water and less sugary beverages.

How much you ask? Well that’s up to you and how fast you wanna see results. Ultimately, you want to wean off as much sweetened beverages as possible. But if the idea of even taking a sip of water makes you cringe, like I did at one point in my life, then start slow. Take in 1 cup of 8 ounces in the day and however you like it. For example, in small sips throughout the day or all at one time. If that’s still a chore to do than you can try diluting water with juice. For example, pouring 4 oz of water and 4 oz of juice in a cup, then day by day or week by week decrease the amount of juice and increase the amount of water in your cup. Another trick to take down water is infusing fresh fruit in the water. Therefore you are benefitting in 2 ways, getting the most out of the water with the extracted vitamins and minerals!

You can google all sorts of studies that have attributed sweetened beverages with gaining weight and illnesses. I also want to mention the amount of money you spend, yearly, on sodas and juices. Do the math, it’s pretty insane with the amount of $$$ that goes down the drain and pounds you gain from it. Note: Don’t be fooled by the sales, you’re still spending more than if you just avoided it altogether. Water and seltzers are definitely more economical and promotes health without it being insufferable.

I would suggest investing in a filtration water system. People say that the tap water is just fine but if you are like me and feel uncomfortable of the possible metals and toxins detected in the water, do your research and purchase a filter system you feel comfortable with. In that way, you will never have to buy bottled water again, well on most days at least.

I’m happy with drinking 4–8 oz of diluted juice daily however due to having kids, one with 9 cavities and an extracted infected tooth, we are choosing to live a juice-free lifestyle. We have substituted juice for carbonation!!! I mean seltzers of both plain and flavored. My favorite is lime-lemon but all are amazing. During holidays and family get-together’s, we tend to be a little more lenient with that rule. But for the most part, we are a juice-free household.

Just so you know, I didn’t grow up drinking water. My family household consisted of sodas and juices. I grew up drinking sweetened beverages all day and everyday. In fact, drinking water was a real chore. When you go from drinking flavored, sweetened beverages then you know that water was just so bland and tasteless. I literally hated it. Yes, I did hate water even though everyone told me it was good for me. As I grew up, I craved losing weight and I knew I had to incorporate water in my diet for the ultimate goal of being accepted. So I followed the advice from many which meant drink at least 8 cups of water everyday. What a task that was… I drank water like it was a prescription. I drank after every meal and in between meals. I think I was able to get down almost 6 cups which was as far as I could go. Naturally, that didn’t last. It was forced and anything forced was something I couldn’t keep up with.

It wasn’t until … well I honestly cannot remember when and how I made the leap to drink water more regularly. I do know, it didn’t happen in 1 day. I also have a trick to continue drinking water and that is purchasing a cute, huge bottle and fill it with filtered water from home. I know my water is clean, I don’t have to spend money on a beverage(s) throughout the day and it has no calories meaning I can crunch on something in the day that, I think, would of been more satisfying! I drink water all time now, not in 1 cup gulps but in sips throughout the day, or gulps when I’m in between tasks or parched. Cold or ice cold water is usually preferably as opposed to lukewarm. It’s just more enjoyable when it has a temperature to it since it is still tasteless but I’m not so hung up on the blandness of it like I use to be nor the amount I need to get down.

As result of drinking more water I’ve had priceless and positive outcomes including:

  • I am no longer constipated
  • I don’t have headaches
  • I don’t have acne (except occasionally when I’m menstruating-sorry TMI)
  • My skin stays more moist than when I don’t drink enough water.
  • My urine is clear

In case you didn’t already know, your urine should be clear as opposed to a concentrated yellow color which means you aren’t drinking enough water. Gosh, I can go on and on about the benefits. Ultimately you can’t go wrong so just start drinking water and more everyday. And don’t worry if you forget, I’ll remind you every so often on future tips!

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