I Accept Your Surrender
Henry Wismayer

Fascinating insights from everyone. I recently discovered Jon and I have to say for the most part I do not find his writing formulaic but for anyone writing professionally there can never be perfection. I get Henry finally blew and it blew Jon’s way about the lack of depth in much of the self help, personal development genre. I agree with Henry on this wholeheartedly. I have been lurking on Medium to ascertain what kind of writing seems to gravitate to the top and there seems to be a mix in this genre but perhaps I have not trolled long enough. The articles with those dandy little suffixes of how easy life can be if you only apply these …”3 Little Steps” is nauseating. I would never have been so bold as Henry to call someone out about it, it’s not my nature as I would be uncomfortable going into anyone’s space to make such a correction in any fashion. I do like Henry’s reply to Jon’s intuitive response, both parties have revealed higher character and that is exactly what we need to elicit on such a platform. No one got down in the dirt and out of it came a new platform for exactly what is needed in the marketplace. Certainly Medium has culpability after all it’s carries the final decision as to what is posted and what is not as Henry points out. But Medium must ensure it’s survival so if the formula writing is what draws attention, it is what it is. So if simplistic self help rises to the top they have to figure out how best to handle the need for diversity. I was drawn to Medium because I saw what I hunger for, great writing. As a whole Medium is a cut above and I enjoy much of its offerings. I do find some of the top posts lacking and wonder how they arrived but again it is what it is until something changes. Perhaps this is the full consequence of Henry and Jon’s affair, change! I do not think it an accident that Henry chose Jon to release his frustrations, perhaps it wasn’t intentionally meant to deride Jon but as Jon’s reply shows he is the perfect writer to bring about a revolution. I read about Jon’s new venture before I read Henry’s assault and I got excited, I mean really a place online where you don’t have to write the “3 Best ” or the “Top 7” of whatever is revolutionary for the internet. So all in all I’d say this boxing match produced great results. For out of it we have a new forum for us deep thinkers. So I think it fortunate for us that Henry blew Jon’s way for another might not have taken up the gauntlet. Jon’s response to what he chose to see as a challenge rather than a personal attack has now become a new idea. New ideas whether they succeed or fail in the short term benefit us all in the long run. Jon and Henry are now precarious partners in this new paradigm where seeking truth reigns. My thanks to you both I enjoyed the match and anxiously await the fruit of your labors!

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