Resolutionary Diaries #1

Janet Murdock — Resolutionary Diaries

Last November I went to Brazil for 3 months after working as a peacebuilder in the South Pacific for 4 years. Forthcoming is a blog series from my travels and work with peacebuilders and changemakers in Brazil and beyond. This blog series profiles the work of people committed to peaceful approaches to social change and making a difference in their communities and countries. It examines what they do, how they do it, and the impacts of their work. Maybe what they have done can be instructive to others around the world facing similar challenges. It’s the Resolutionary’s (not Revolutionary’s) version of Che’s motorcycle diaries. The blog post are also found on PCDN and Linkedin. Join me for the ride and meet many unsung heroes of our time from around the globe. If you are a changemaker or know someone you believe should be profiled, contact me here or at:

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