Hate is becoming a common thread in American life because it is being indoctrinated into the young…
John R Allen

You said “At every turn the left is attacking the Bill of Rights…”. You know that absurd hyperbole means you’re cherry-picking, John. There are cases on both extremes of shouting down opposing views, but most of the time it’s legitimate expression of thought contrary to your own. That’s okay in our society. Really. Please learn to see the bias in your own viewpoint instead of looking for reasons to vilify those of a different political persuasion. Most of us are decent people, and there really is no conspiracy to deny you your views. People are free to not like your views and to tell you so. That’s not silencing, it’s challenging. I don’t agree with banning anyone from campuses because of their views either. Most people don’t, and it doesn’t happen that often. We just hear about it when it does.

I’ve had to learn not to hate the right as a monolith because it isn’t. Please do the same for the left. You’ll be happier.

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