Choose your teacher

(a daily reminder to myself)

Life is hard and full of choices. How can I make it easier for myself?

Your every day is a set of choices of 3 categories:

  1. You choose what you think (and not).
  2. You choose what you feel (and not).
  3. You choose what you do (and not).

There is only ONE variable which makes it easy for you to make ANY of these complex choices.

This variable is WHY you make this choice (and not the other).

Where does my WHY come from?

Your WHY is a beautiful queen which lives in her faraway wonderland. Let’s call this wonderland your life learning library.

As any other building, your life learning library has 3 dimensions:

  1. Ceilings — these are your thoughts (and their absence).
  2. Walls — these are your feelings (and their absence).
  3. Floors — these are your actions (and their absence).

How can I make sense and use of this abundant knowledge which I keep in the archives of my life learning library? It’s full of dusty books which I’ll never have desire and time to open again!

How do I decide which books from my library I need to put in my backpack today? Which ones to order for tomorrow? Which ones will I need only for the next school year?

How do I know how many books I should carry so that my backpack is not too heavy and I could walk to my school breathing normally and be there on time?

Can you answer these questions right now? Not at all.

The good news is that you don’t have to answer them all right now.

Even better news: some questions you don’t have to answer at all to be able to move ahead.

How can I answer the questions which I absolutely need to answer RIGHT NOW to move ahead with my life?

Very simple: you need a good teacher.

What makes a teacher GOOD for ME?

There is only one criteria: you must trust him/her/it.

Him? Her? It? What do you mean?

Yes, your teacher can be anyone or anything, including yourself based on your life experience (your thoughts, feelings and actions).

What if I cannot trust myself yet with certain decisions?

How cool that is! You can always find a SAFE CONNECTION to someone or something whom you think you can trust and see what you can learn.

SAFE CONNECTION means that you don’t have to talk, see, smell, taste or touch anything or anyone to learn what you need to move ahead.

Good news: you always have access to the safest learning place — your brain.

What should I learn? I cannot know everything!

Good news again: everything that you already know is useful. This is how you figured your way out since you were born until now.

However, you need to know how to use this knowledge effectively. This method is what most of the people call learning.

Effective learning is the process which helps you get you where you want to be. This place is what most of the people call success.

How can I use my knowledge to learn effectively and achieve success every day?

Very simple: you need to consciously let your teacher know that you need him/her/it to help you make a choice which you think your success depends upon.

HOW EXACTLY do I let my teacher know that I need help and which help I need so that he/she/it understands me?

Well, this is something which remains under full responsibility of one person only: yourself.

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