There are 604,800 seconds in a week. Enough seconds to watch all eight Harry Potter movies 8.5 times, drive from the East to the West Coast 4.2 times and walk 672 miles.

While I typically spend my 604,800 seconds attending class, going to meetings or working, this past week I was in London exploring media companies and agencies.

It was the best 604,800 seconds of my life.

To give a little background, the UNC MJ-School offers international courses in which students study media in a particular part of the world. I applied and was thankfully enrolled in a UK international media studies course that would take a trip to London over Spring Break. Little did I know I signed up for one of the most eye-opening and life-changing learning experiences.

My schedule in London was packed full of site visits to Bloomberg, BuzzFeed, BBC, Google and more. I learned how UK companies and agencies operate, and how they differ from the U.S. We also made time for sight-seeing and getting to know our classmates a little better (even if it required getting lost my second night in London). I took a boat up the Thames, explored every park and market, and managed to visit Platform 9 3/4, for all you Harry Potter fans.

Rather than posting what I did each day (let’s be honest, I wouldn’t even read all of that), I’ll be rolling out some posts in the next couple of weeks about what I learned and the experiences I had throughout my week abroad.

For now, check out #smitteninBritainSB16 on Twitter and Instagram for my live posting throughout the trip. It’ll only take 300 of your 604,800 seconds this week — it’s totally worth it.

Check out my blog while you’re at it!

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