The Meatloaf

It’s finals week. A time of sheer sadness and sleep deprivation. The week when our bodies attempt to function off of sugary snacks and coffee.

So I thought it was only fitting that my laptop decided to stop working the day before my paper was due. Or maybe it was in the middle of running to the bus in the pouring rain without an umbrella or rain jacket that I reached my breaking point and asked myself, “Why me? Why now?”

It was to show me the meatloaf.

Wait, what? Jane, you’re talking about finals. Why are you switching the subject to baked ground beef?

Because even in the worst times, God always provides the meatloaf.

Let me give you a little background. I lead a bible study (of the most amazing girls) and one of the topics that comes up on a regular basis is how God provides so much that we’re always full. It’s a never-ending fulfillment, just like the feeling after eating a hearty meatloaf. I realize this is a somewhat ridiculous comparison, but bear with me.

Meatloaf can look like lot of different things. For me, it was my friends offering their computers and iPads when my laptop stopped. It was the Southpoint Apple Store fixing my laptop in four hours when they said it would take up to two days. Meatloaf also came in the form of the girl who ran to share an umbrella with me because she saw I was miserable in the torrential downpour.

Finals are rough — I get that. But if I can offer the least bit of advice it would be this: focus on the meatloaf. Turn your attention to what is filling you up and giving you life, not the tests and papers that are breaking you down.

Small group gals aka the meatloaf in my life

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