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The festival season’s long-awaited muddy catwalks are back. The likes of Glastonbury merge music, politics and art while celebrities and festival junkies flaunt some of fashion’s best trends.

festival fashion

The love affair between music and fashion is far from new. Think back to the ’60s and ’70s golden era of Woodstock and the Isle of Wight Festival; Jimi Hendrix’s fringe crop top (left), Marianne Faithful’s snakeskin jacket and Janis Joplin’s floaty tie-dye frock.

Festival fashion aficionados — especially those in the UK — are all about mixing and matching styles, textures and colours. …

A laptop is one of the most essential tools of a 21st Century human being. It allows you to work, communicate, create and relax. On top of that they keep getting more powerful and smaller in size. They are getting so small and so strong that we even have a word for it — the Ultrabook. Here are the top 4 ultrabooks:

4. Macbook Air


The Macbook Air is a beautifully designed and extremely durable laptop thanks to its aluminium build. It has a 13-inch screen and weighs 2.96 pounds. In terms of performance it can have a maximum of 8GB of RAM…

Just to be clear, in order to stay in power, the Conservatives have made the long negotiated agreement with the Democratic Unionists which will see them support Theresa May’s minority government. This means weeks after the election resulted in a hung Parliament, the 10 DUP MPs will back the Tories in key Commons votes on Brexit and the Budget only.

Just imaging what that money could have been spent on? What happened to austerity? The agreement is designed to ‘deliver a stable Government’ but no mention of ‘strong.’


The cost? £1 Billion extra for Northern Ireland over the next two…

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has fast become one of the most in-demand strikers in the world since his arrival at Borussia Dortmund in 2013. The French-born Gabonese international has wracked up an astonishing record of one goal every 1.7 games during his Bundesliga spell, which has put him at the top of most managers’ lists of transfer targets.

Dortmund’s ability to scout players and turn them into world-beaters is being heavily praised but the club’s lack of ambition has left them no choice but to let go of their big players such as Mario Gotze (who has since returned) and Robert Lewandowski…

So we have finally begun negotiations to divorce the European Union and bring home this wonderful deal for all of us. But who is arguing our case and is a deal likely? Who are the ministers taking us into this uncertain, unwanted territory and are they up to the biggest job in British public life?

David Davis: Brexit Secretary (Leave)

You’ll be sick of Davis’s name before long. As Secretary of State for Exiting the EU he’s the principal negotiator for the UK and is a longtime Eurosceptic and political maverick.


Davis has always peddled a hard man image after a tough upbringing and time…

London is a great city for launching your own business. According to there were an average of 600 startups launched in the city every day in the first half of last year. Now that’s a lot of innovation… That level of dynamism makes life extremely competitive and it also makes it difficult to know which ones are making real progress and which ones are failing. Here are three startups which stand out right now:



Monzo is a digital mobile-only bank founded in 2015 by a team of ex-bankers unhappy with the way banking is normally done. It is often…

Just the name Robert Lewandowski makes you think of goals. His rise to becoming one of the world’s best strikers has been a long one as he was only recognised as a top striker at the age of 24 while playing for Borussia Dortmund in the 2012–13 season.

Since then the Polish striker has gone on to dominate the Bundesliga having scored more than 100 goals in just over 125 appearances.

However last season’s statistics suggested that Lewandowski received fewer passes to put him in on goal than any of the other top five goal scorers in the league and…

London universities face even more uncertainty as a result of Brexit than universities elsewhere in the country as they rely more heavily on European Union students.

Students from the EU have flocked to London, making up 18% of full-time attendees at the London School of Economics, 18% at Imperial College London and 13% at University College London. Universities UK estimated in 2015 that higher education earned £10.7 billion from foreign students, representing 10% of the UK’s export of services. University chiefs warn that those revenues are now at stake in the Brexit negotiations that began on June 19.

Professor Ken…

Finding the right tattoo studio is the first step towards getting some body art but then you need to select the right artist. The three things to keep in mind are style, technique and personality.


tattoo artist

Like any art form, tattoos come in a vast range of different styles. From tribal or oriental to surrealist and portraiture, each artist has his or her own area of specialisation and has chosen to master that style for a reason. …

Cristiano Ronaldo has started crying wolf again, leaving Manchester United fans dreaming of the biggest transfer move in the history of the game. Having broken almost every record there is while playing in Spain, the forward who was once the heartbeat of the Manchester club has once again been linked back to his old club. At the age of 32, he has won the La Liga title twice, the UEFA Champions League three times and a major tournament with Portugal. In the next 396 words I’m going to explain why a return to Old Trafford is happening.


The first key…

Jane Ward

Jane is an accountant and works in London, loves the numbers game and spending time on the lake.

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