#2 Glasgow 1970’s blog

if a woman could blog from inner city Glasgow 1970s this is how it would be.

Ok leather trousers on Suzi Quatro is hot on the telly BUT on me its hot and sticky and the smell made the Laddie the Dog horny and he tried to pump my legs in front of Mrs Bailey. She liked to batter fuck out of her carpet over the washing line and get all her anger out. We all know she is actually beating her son Gordon because he’s still no married and a bit long in the tooth to still be at the Boys Brigade but am saying fuck all — except he was better at baws than me and could bounce four and sing in tune.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses came round and Mrs Wilson joined and she got a new couch and a telly off them, I might pretend am into seeing whatever Jehovah saw and see if I can get a new bed. Four weans , two dugs and three cats sleeping in a huddle have fucked it.

Went down to Curley’s today and got a big tin of ham and some of them new frozen crispy pancakes. I fried them but near shit myself with fear after dropping frozen half discs into hot spattering fat….the noise and splash back was petrifying. Even the big fish in the tank swam funny after the smoke and noise calmed down, I don’t think we are meant to fry ice frozen stuff or is that just me? The kids loved them, wolfed them down.

Smoked ten fags before 6pm and managed to pay off the coal man in full this week as it was my turn of the ménage. “Fill up my bunker Tam” I shouted. Big Sandra next door shouted in the close “That’s how I ended up pregnant” we laughed like fuck.

She is funny is Big Sandra, shame her man died young with cancer, she has all those kids on her own but she’s a big knitter and her Irish uncle brings her bags of messages. I like her, she let me get her turn of the steamie last week as the kids had lice again and I needed to gut the house.

Our Karen’s got a new flat up in Easterhouse and it has a veranda and an inside toilet, but there’s no many shops near her and the buses are shite.

My da says Easterhouse is like an off shore caravan site, you cant get in and out when you want to and the ice cream vans hold everyone hostage with their prices. But she has a back and front door and up and down stairs so I would swap my tenement in a minute for that.

the weans

Me and Gordon Bailey (the guy down stairs) are going to start a wee hairdressing night at mine. Am good at perms and he’s handy as fuck with the big rollers and colouring your roots. Vidal TooSoon we call him.

night out at the social club

Well am off, the nit nurse is at the school and no doubt my weans will be hoaching again.

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