If a woman from the 1970s inner city Glasgow could blog.

“Three day week- what the fuck? I have candles in every room and the kids are running about in the dark and the dogs went mental. What kind of government lets this happen?” Jessie from the Curley’s said as she wrapped up a pat of butter and 4oz of chopped pork for my man’s pieces. He’s back out the jail. Big Sandra next door has gave a lend of her dead man’s bike and he’s got a job in the Miranda Bread factory. Fuck knows if he will stop stealing lead off church roofs but I like the fact he brings home cakes from the factory, that’s not really stealing its it?

I went down to Goldbergs and got myself a pair of glittery hot pants with the bib and braces. I think I look like Lulu but but Tam says I look Lala….big bastard. They are so tight you can see my fanny shape through them, my ma said it was like watching a hot dog bun trying to escape my knickers….maybe one day they will have a name for that as hot dog bun fanny seems crazy.


My mammy came down yesterday for a loan of the old pram for the steamie. She gets a big washing done for the fair fortnight and takes all the kids down to Rothesay. I went down to the phone box and waited with a big purse full of coins to phone our Susan in America. She lives in Sand Diego with a yanky navy boy she met in Dunoon. She never got married here as is he black and my dad wouldn’t have him show everyone up at the lodge. I like him he’s called Clay, my ma said “Pity he’s no the colour of clay” and Susan is expecting her first wean. My ma said she’s no to bring it home if it’s too dark as even a Scottish summer couldn't pass that off. I wish people weren’t like this.

Clay said “One day America will have a black president” and ma mammy said “Son, they don’t even let married women work in the dinner school here in Glasgow and your lot are still sitting on different buses in some places in America, good luck with that” But she says as long as he treats Susan well she is happy.

Walked up the park and saw the wee parky in his hut, he is creepy as fuck. Told all my kids NEVER to go into his hut even if they are bleeding to death falling off the swings. Fuck that. I would rather they had a brain injury than ended up in his one bar electric fire porn hut. Auld bastard, why don’t they get women to watch the weans at the swings instead of an old fucker who canny do up his zip?

rag man

The rag man came round today, I got a good coat off him a BIBA no less, for ten bob. His horse near chewed the hair off our Margaret. I hate horses. My maw says he keeps that horse in his single end up in Budhill!

Well I need to go as Jeanette is coming up and am doing her a wee dolly wave perm and I am still wearing my hot pants.

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