Glow….sort it you numpties.

Glasgow is better than this.

An online “fake reality” show was announced in Glasgow.

Note ‘online’ not actually on TV.

It’s basically a marketing tool online which isn’t beholden by usual OFCOM rules and can exploit any product placement it chooses. So it’s really an ‘advert’ type of thing.

It’s a “The Only Way is Essex’ type shenanigans (people who stand for hours in night clubs who don’t have an opinion and spend hours rating beauty salons on Trip Advisor or ‘entrepreneurs who own beauty salons or fake tan booths) and the photo’s released were a bunch of white people faked tanned brown with bleached teeth. Not one Asian or black person not even A GINGER person and nobody wearing socks, in the winter in Glasgow. THIS IS NOT GLASGOW! This is shit.

So I publicly spoke out about the lack of diversity and the sheer blandness of the women who all look like a Trump buffet. Being a stand up comic I daily take my fair share of criticism but I am mortgage free because I shout out shit onstage, so I get that…I understand that…I am a female comedian. I know what ‘critique’ is.

You must know if you are going to put yourself up in the media you must be prepared for critique. Not the GLOW people. I think someone’s daddy always said “YES PRINCESS” on the production team….anyhow more of that later.

So I made a funny meme of their names…bear in mind am the woman who called Trump a Cunt at Turnberry, poking fun is my nature. This is Glasgow we are known for our sense of humour.

created by Janey Godley

People laughed and I laughed.

So the #GLOW went online live. It’s on an app or something am not sure how you watch it to be honest and fair fucks to them. It got slated for its horrendous camera work and Glasgow people are fierce when it comes to slagging it’s own. They were ravaged. I can imagine that hurt.

Then a lot of my facebook pals got in touch and said “Janey they are using the funny names you gave them as hashtags and they never credited you but they put this out on Instagram without naming you” So I tweeted them. I privately facebooked them asking for an explanation. I just wanted credited for the awesome funny names I gave them.

I was show this from Instagram where they ‘thanked the creator’ of this. But never named me.

So they have acknowledged my meme and yet still never named me and went ahead and took the names and used them as hashtags in their ‘show’.Now to be honest it wasn’t my best work….in fact its silly and that’s what i do.

But when I contacted them privately on FB and asked why they took the comedy names I made and never credited me this was their answer.

“Hi janey thanks for messaging, I have been instructed to inform you GLOW bosses look forward to your agents enquiry!! Also as long as we are in contact, could you have your agent prepare an explanation as to why you used and defaced our company property(photograph) without GRTV’s consent, in an attempt to publicly humiliate(bully) the cast of GLOW. Thanks we look forward to hearing from you xxx”

So LET GET’S THIS RIGHT. You used that image to thank the creator but suddenly when you are asked about copyright you are bullied and humiliated? YET USED THOSE SAME BULLYING WORDS AS HASHTAGS IN YOUR ONLINE SHOW???

I defaced company property that you then thanked me for doing and yet it’s upset your white yet painted brown people from Glasgow? I suspect smiling too long and wearing high strappy heels would have upset them poor generic Barbie dolls …but no..a meme hurt them. Glasgow people were hurt by a funny photo.

Who the fuck is doing their PR? Katie Hopkins?

You cannot thank a creator of a meme on a company instagram site then claim the same image bullied and humiliated people from FUCKING GLASGOW…who are all dressed like slightly toasted mannequins from Goldbergs circa 1989 who chose to put themselves in an ONLINE reality show…..then who CANNOT TAKE CRITICISM????

I suspect the producer has never been told “Shut up” I suspect everyone told them that they great at everything. Well, like me and like everyone else….you learn as you go. BUT here is a wee word of advice. Criticism is not bullying.


To end this here is a one take film on my iphone that features a long standing character in our podcast, it has a Glasgow immigrant in it and improv and actual reality with people who didn’t know they were being filmed. That’s reality and this is how it’s done. We did this in between serving coffee and organising a comedy night at Wild Cabaret in Candleriggs. The camera man was the guy who swallows swords in the cabaret show and he had a coffee cup in his other hand he is called Snooki Mono and Eybee is a manager at Wild Cabaret and he played my doorman. No rehearsal. No Acting experience.


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