I stopped Smoking a year ago

It’s been a good year.

I decided and I did it.

  1. I can taste mozzarella cheese.
  2. I don’t wake up wheezing worried I don’t have enough cigs and have to go to shops.
  3. I never have to stand outside, Glasgow is freezing 12 months of the year other than that one day we get sun.
  4. I smell fucking awesome.
  5. I can sex without thinking my lungs will collapse.
  6. I can walk off Stage and not run for a fag.
  7. I have saved about FOUR THOUSAND pounds a year. That’s more than my mortgage was.
  8. I have lost weight and my skin is so good just now for a 55 year old woman who grew up with a bad diet.
  9. My pals hug me and don’t flinch.
  10. I never wash a lighter in my jeans.
  11. I can sit through a long haul flight/train journey and TV show without having to fidget.
  12. I feel good.
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