Liverpool and Hillsborough

We will never forget.

The thing about Hillsborough that we as a society need to take heart in, especially in these times is this- The establishment really believed that if the police, the politicians, the government and the media all told us that the Liverpudlians were scummy smack headed, thieving yobs that instigated their own fate -we as a nation would buy it and the families would exhaust their finances and patience and give up the fight.

We never bought it.

They never gave up.

The police lied.
The police falsified statements.
The police gagged cops and officials who spoke out.
The police sat back as The Sun newspaper and other establishments printed their lies.
The police lined up vicious dogs on the pitch as people gasped their last breath.
The politicians wrote indefensible letters to the families and perpetuated the lie.
The police denied- defied and defended each other in their exhaustive attempts to shut the families up and make football supporters and their families to look like lying scabs.
They failed.
The people won.
The bastard press who printed it failed, the cops are sorry, the government is sorry and tonight the sun will shine over Liverpool and those two wee birds high on that LiverBuilding will be puffing their chest out with pride.

The people were telling the truth and the establishment kept a lie up for 27 long years.

I bow to you people of Liverpool and the families of the 96.

You taught us tenacity and determination and you proved to us that the government and the cops collude in lies. You confirmed the fears and despite the continuous slander of your deceased families, you never gave up.

You make us all proud.

NOW go jail the bastards.