Running a Comedy Club in Glasgow

Wild Cabaret Glasgow

A comedy club is meant to be underground and smelling of desperation and dead jokes not bright airy with crystal glasses and waiters dressed like GQ models. But this works.

Wild Cabaret is two years old now and in the heart of the Merchant City.

The newly opened knots have been firmly ironed out and the weekly comedy club is a well oiled machine.

Imagine a comedy club that has full disabled access, beautiful food, amazing drinks, linen table cloths and crystal glasses, 4 big booths, no view restrictions and full waiter service. That’s what we have. How lucky am I?

NO DEEP FRIED PLATTERS- NO screaming stags and hens and NO giant jugs of lurid coloured cocktails. It’s a bit classy for a comedy club. But this works.

Every Thursday we have the comedy show that I host.

You can get a comedy show and dinner for £10 (there are other amazing dinner deals) and the place is stunning and there’s even a backstage toilet and green room for comics that isn’t a dreadful box room. We are very spoiled.

The comedy is run by a comedian (me) and the owners take nothing to do with it. They take my suggestions and don’t ask for ‘profit targets’ or ‘projected margins and returns’.

They ask me every week “did you have a good time? Are the comics happy?”

The staff are brilliant and often walk past the front of stage when am on and flick me a V or giggle when a joke goes wrong and snort loudly. They are on board and know how to keep the chatting down and whisper drinks orders discreetly.

We now have a Sunday “Hoose party” with me and Tom Urie and Ryan the Opera guy. It’s music, comedy, sing a long and the audience gets up for proper sing song. Like a good Glasgow Hoose Party.

The owners sit with the comics and often join the audience and they actually adore comedy.

They encourage new comics to come along, its not a clique and they are very supportive. They pay on time and the recently gave us all a wage rise.

Comedy clubs shouldn’t be this much fun. Come down on a Thursday or a Sunday for the HOOSE PARTY and join us.

Thanks Wild Cabaret….you guys know how to run a funny business.

go to and book a good night out.

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