Time Knots

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It’s 11:15, my stuff is all in my bag, got my clothes and socks on. Everything looks ready. BUT WAIT. Where is my phone? It’s 11:17!!! I need to leave by 11:20 to get to the subway by 11:30 and arrive for my appointment at 12:30! Gotta hurry and call my phone. Ok, found it, in my back pocket. Great. Now I just gotta put my shoes on and just- oh shit, where’s my ____.

This happens to me from time to time. When these things do happen, I always think about why. Why am I late and why am I on time? Is it because the meeting matters? Is it because I am nervous? Is it because I am not organized?

In my attempt to understand this, I decided to look at times I stay at one spot for a long time (I’m calling them time knots) and see why I was stuck at that spot. I did this for one of the days this week.

The first knot is waiting at the subway for my train. This was a short wait, about 3 minutes. Once I got off, I had to transfer to a bus. However, I was at Union station in Toronto and it is currently undergoing construction-which means wayfinding is always failing. I followed the signs and did not know how to find the bus platform, despite going there several times in the past. I had to ask an operator for directions. Thankfully, there was no line up there and my question was answered immediately. Luckily, I was a bit early for my bus and waited on it for a few minutes before it departed. I was well on my way to my destination.

I arrived early and had time to kill, so I just walked around for half an hour. I got to where I wanted to be a few with a few minutes to spare.

So far, wayfinding was the only potential in me missing my bus. To be continued…

I write every week, exploring things I read or think about everyday. I also make visuals to condense my thoughts into something coherent.

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