What are you good at?

This is a very hard question for me to answer because it is like asking me to describe how my face looks like when I have never seen my reflection in a mirror before.

However, it is a different story when you ask my mentors, close friends and even my relatives, the answer is very clear to them. They see everything about me like an open book, it is so painfully obvious to them what I am good at and not good at. This also explains why companies pay consultants big bucks to talk about what they see the company cannot. Having consultants look at a company with fresh eyes is very valuable because it is just so easy for them to see the strengths and weaknesses.

People who become mirrors in my life.

People in my life become my consultants and tell me what my strengths are; they essentially become my mirrors. This may sound silly because I live with myself everyday, but why is it so hard to see what I’m good at? It’s hard for anyone to know what they are good at; you’ve most likely seen this happen when you read your friend’s resume underselling their skills and experience. I can identify things that I like to do, aspects I am weak at, but it is not so easy to identify my unique strengths. Why is it important to understand my strengths? The answer is simple. To understand what I am good at so that I can do more of it in the future, it’s a great way to spend the rest of my life in a fulfilling manner.

But what about weakness? Shouldn’t I just fix that so I am well-balanced? I have recently come to the conclusion that although it is important to acknowledge and work on my weaknesses, it is more important to develop my strengths. Maybe you might ask: “is there a way to do both”? I think so, but as long as there is more focus on strengths because I think that is where the springboard is at.

I am learning a lot from people I love and care about and I hope they continue to teach me about myself. I hope that you have started exploring your strengths and will keep reflecting yourself off of people in your own lives.

I write every week, exploring things I read or think about everyday. I also make visuals to condense my thoughts into something coherent.

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