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Try getting your school principal behind a Snapchat filter.

A few days ago, I was demoing the room2learn product to the principal of an award-winning architecture firm — let’s call him Gerry. When I finished, Gerry the baby boomer scratched his head and responded, “So… you’re making this thing up as you go, and then plan to make a living off of it?”

I guess that’s one way to interpret Eric Ries. I nodded. “We saw a gap in the market and decided to do something about it.”

While in design school, I met a teacher at a hackathon and decided to tackle the problem of poorly designed learning spaces in public schools. We built a team and spent two years riding an iterative roller coaster, testing and failing time and again to arrive at where we’re at today: building the world’s first visual feedback tool for hundreds of people to help design a learning space. …


Jane Z.

Product Marketing Manager @ Previously CEO & Co-founder @room2learn.

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