Rekindling the corporate waste of human resources

Traditionally large organizations and corporations spend significant funds and resources to research, track and recruit top talent to their quickly evolving teams and organizations.

Even bigger resources are being spent paying high enough salaries and bonuses in order to keep the recruited talent locked in.

The disconnected organization. | Image: McKinsey Quarterly, Jan. 2016

Management often keep a close eye and track the candidates individual performance — and most commonly not how well teams interrelate and function together as a cohesive and integrated structure.

Open And Shut Doors
When the recruit/talent is not content with how the organization manages and care for their well being — they pick up their stuff and leave. They walk out the door and precious time and money spent goes to waste, adding to the already high level of cost for the organization. The process then most likely start over to clean up the mess created from the beginning, often initiating a negative spiral and in the worst of cases even a nasty catch 22 scenario.

Add to the torment rapidly growing cost levels in terms of misplaced people who decide to stay on, creating obstacles for their peers. Most often these people are far from functioning at an optimal level and are unable to deliver as a valued resource within the organization.

The cost level and the negative brand value keep escalating, often at quite a staggering ‘out-of-control’ pace.

This misguided way of dealing with team efforts and organizational practices are of course not sustainable even in the short run. Long term in fact and most likely it could prove devastating.

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Turning Polluted Water Into Precious Wine
What ultimately deliver traction and determine how well a business performs is how well the team manages to learn, co-create and perform as a connected and integrated entity. This is what truly creates impact on the bottom line.

Distributed Leadership — Another dilemma seem to be that traditional hierarchical leadership and management is not efficient enough to lead in networked and continuously connected organizations. On the contrary it boggle teams down with an unnecessary level and amount of decision making processes.

If you translate all of this into time spent and dollars wasted, the numbers likely stack up very fast.
How do we reconfigure this mess of wasted human resources to build self generating and organically evolving organizations?

Our belief is that this situation form a valuable opportunity where we jointly, in a peer-to-peer fashion and manner, are able to reconfigure how we work together as a group, between teams and even in entire organizations.

Leadership become the role of everyone, instead of a chosen few. This is what we refer to as distributed leadership in a networked and deeply interconnected organization.

The PeopleOrg Model describe a simplified model enabling distributed and networked teams, defined by a so called Molecular Organization.

The purpose is to provide a plug-and-play framework that support organizations or businesses in reinventing how they learn and collaborate together in teams.

A Brave New World
The model describe the world of organizations from an inside-out perspective and visualizes a mindset where data and digital transactions are are functioning to efficiently fuel core operations of teams in organizations.

PeopleOrg enable facilitating a process for mutual learning and real time co-creation online, which will enable your team to reinvent and redesign how work gets done.

Each of the key processes consist of a specialized team or individual connected with other teams or individuals in the organization. Each participant connect or interact through a web of distributed and integrated cloud based applications which connect the entire organizations knowledge base.

In a sense the whole organizational organism function similar to nodes of neurons in our brains. For more brainspiration check out the BrainWise magazine.

The molecular structure of the model references and much in a sense synchronizes with the now classic model described by Simon Sinek in his well known and spread presentation; “Start with Why”.

Ready Your Team For Transformation
In order for this process of mutual learning and co-evolved innovation to efficiently become implemented by forward thinking leadership and businesses entrepreneurs, we continuously scan digital space to onboard the brightest and wisest curators, moderators, facilitators, and coaches available.

You are more than welcome to connect with and contribute to our embryo of a community — People Are We. Please request an invitation here!

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