I feel like I’m left of 19 people out of 20 and have protested most of the wars we’ve started…
Stephen Cataldo

All of European fascism was appeased because it was preferred to communism. Communism was more threatening to established economic interests.

Therefore Chamberlain + similar’s “appeasement”is not a particularly useful model for understanding this present situation.

The established economic interests are currently only under threat through entry of competing economies under the established international system- there is no threat of revolutionary change to the economic model as a whole.

So unless you believe that the countries that currently dominate economically have some kind of right to that status in perpetuity, then your argument is based on mis-perceptions. There is no actual threat to the USA, or your “way of life”, other than by competition.

Perhaps WW1 would be a better model for you to use- lethal competition over colonies and markets?

Trump as FranzFerdinand?

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