Autism, depression, loneliness may be nothing else but signs of the resistance of the exploration seeking adolescent brain against the totalitarian pressure of the adult world of dominating exploitation.
Mom, I Need to Learn from My Prediction Errors
Yuri Barzov

and bipolar?

Exploration imposing extra energy demands as it does, it’s more likely that these are states of “underclocking”… responding to weak PSU relative to CPU, or relative weakness of energy supply temporarily to current processing load, or maybe sometimes local overheating issues. Ability to change to a more frugal linear or looping cognitive strategy — or sticking with one- would be a useful feature in this case.

As always, you can’t do better than observe the world and control yourself…IF they let you!

I am interested in the switch process from growth phase (all metabolic activity necessary for calcium -> bones) to new metabolic set-point of steady adult body size (calcium -> ?).

As a bridge between that and what you are talking about, here’s a really interesting article:

Inositol triphosphate and calcium signalling mechanisms