The way we live affects the way we think.
The course is set on hope
Paul Mason

Basic point here.

They say that democracy is the highest achievement-lack of democracy is a justification for violent intervention, death of civilians (which certainly ends their hopes of being heard in whatever form)- and yet they only want amateur voters.

If not, why no workplace democracy, why no school democracy? Why no practice? If they support it, why not push for more of it?

Why are we not encouraged to become experts at democracy- at identifying our own interests and voting for them? At negotiating and compromising for the greater good?

Last minute attempts to smear Corbyn by association with news of support from…the Daily Stormer(!) just go to show that it is common knowledge that human beings hate fascism- the bullying of intolerance,the use of violence to end debate.

That is the material we have to work with. UJK election shows it.

The people reject fascism (capitalism at bay) and want more democracy.