but it is NOT linked to capitalism, which is merely a market-oriented economic system
Once again, there is much here that is valid, but it is NOT linked to capitalism, which is merely a…
Rick Fischer

Isn’t this exactly the problem that we have- that capitalism in reality ends up producing concentration of market share and the merging of economic and political power ( and hence ‘the span between the working poor and the insanely wealthy’)? I think that this is inevitable due to runaway effects when there is no negative feedback loop — the more you have, the more you get.

If only through historical example (e.g post WW2 southern Europe, Latin America), we see time and time again that the “capitalist” (as opposed to “socialist”) economies have tended to back fascism/recycled fascists or authoritarianism-in-favour-existing-interests when there is a choice, or when those interests are perceived as being under convincing threat.

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