Telling one group to fear/combat/undermine another group when the actual goal is to undermine the significant influence those groups could have if they recognized the people in power were the only ones oppressing them.
This is the basis of the “Southern Strategy”; convince poor racially privileged white people that…
Davin Nathanson

It stumps me as to why this perpetually works.

The goals of power have not varied and nor have the tactics.

When will we wake up?

Part of me thinks that it is just very difficult for people who don’t see life as a win/lose competition but more as a common experience, to believe that others are constantly gaming life to their advantage. That they value their success more than our suffering is obvious- and yet we allow them to get away with using the language of justice and morality as if it were their own…

We can all feel injustice and whether it is directly experienced or just witnessed it is a permanent threat to peaceful living and to all our happiness.