Multitasking Is Not Killing Your Brain
Simon Trepel, MD

NeuroMarketing” at its worst? There will be somebody brewing an app. to prevent the !brain death! (actually there already were links to software for time-management in the responses)… and the person coding it will likely be happy being supremely focussed and methodical , ironically :-)

I recommended the article on the basis that people would probably be arguing about it and that the argument could clarify things and hopefully trigger some ongoing interest in the nervous system interacting with new technology - thanks to responses like yours.

This is one downside of the democratisation of opinion — all territories are now propagandise-able to some degree and we’re vulnerable to some strange new gods indeed.

However, in this case I think that people’s responses to the article (as opposed to recommends)did seem to come from real feelings, not from cheerleading/pushing — and that is what I found interesting. Modern life makes it harder for people to opt-out of these multi-task/constant response obligation scenarios and the self-selecting early adopters of digital hyper-connectedness are potentially outnumbered by the co-opted at this point?

The clickbait etc thing is an issue that is being talked about here: Medium is Broken.

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