an addiction to scarcity
The Coming Great Transition
Jordan Hall

Scarcity is also a feature of control mechanisms- as you say, without it there is no place for the carrot and the stick.

Also it is not just the lack of abundance in necessities: scarcity of power, scarcity of redemption/justice, scarcity of respect for example- hierarchies that operate by ranking people in terms of how distant they are from abundance of the desired thing. ‘Know your place.’

Mostly the constructs that order group life operate, at base, on some form of rationing and control of access to resources.

I agree that this permanent scarcity concept has been pernicious. It has limited creative thought and selected for the hoarder mentality and the use of violence and/or cheating over cooperation. A true vicious circle…and a problem inheritance for us all when trying to conceive of an alternative outcome for humanity.