and in the end, one would still not have a proof, but just a more sound correlation
Interesting; I have to work through the article to make a more informed statement.
Philipp Markolin

Something like this abstract,

which investigates reactions to the Ebola epidemic (in an unaffected country)?

And this

which also looks at collectivist vs individualist, plus level of fear of disease and salivary IgA response to images of disease/injury.

Sorry for the deluge! It’s just that I think that this is a very important part of where to start thinking from, when trying to imagine cultural adaptations that would permit an inclusively comfortable society.

If such a thing is possible…

Which I sometimes doubt- it seems inevitable that there will be some fragmentation driven by people’s sense of vulnerability as this is a very strong survival program.

I responded (perhaps a bit scratchily!)to a re.Brexit response of yours- and those thoughts came from this place- that people only really do what they can and are acting under their own (physiological and uncontrollable)reality.

So much of the Brexit stuff has been alarmingly reductive and very “us and them”. Sad really.