It is a shortcut for our brains which makes us believe: “If it comes to mind easily, it must be true.”
This Is How Your Fear and Outrage Are Being Sold for Profit
Tobias Rose-Stockwell

The digital world is inexorably turning in to a monument to the frailties of human nature.

We need a neuroscience-based education to foment critical thinking, to give people a chance to develop the urge and the ability to defend themselves from manipulation- whether for commercial, political or religious gain.

This should have been there from day dot as part of “formation for participation in a democracy”. First install your BS detector. No, first respect your own right to form and defend an opinion.

The problem is, again, the insidious impunity of the invisible hand: because there is no overt “propaganda” aspect or state behind it, people’s natural cynicism towards “authorities” doesn’t kick in.

This article is a brilliant example of what that education should focus on.