Does capitalism blind us to the real fight?
Paris Marx

We should be square pegs in the system’s round holes: in the workplace, in the school, out shopping- whatever it is-don’t collaborate with the imposition of competition.

There is no american/anywhere dream worth having when at best it is a faith-based motivation to excuse the abandonment of common decency, the “freedom” from responsibility to our families and communities in the service of the hyper flexible economy and the profits of the few- pan para hoy, hambre para mañana.

Winners create losers and the odds aren’t good these days - if they ever were- that you’ll find yourself amongst the prizes. 84 people with the same wealth as 3.5 billion at a time when there is more democracy than ever. So- we voted for this???! Would you have bet on that being the outcome of democracy?

People can ape the manners and behaviour of the “winners” in the hopes that they’ll get a pass. Cultural trickle down is all there has ever been: you be the boss, el puto amo, the entrepreneur aiming for the moon — all the 2nd hand baubles of elitism, the promise of being special somehow, better somehow, winning somehow.

Do we really need this fake validation, their condescending pat on the back for a life of sucking up and sucking it up while being witnesses to, collaborators with, the takedown of our own?

All of our claims for fairness, solidarity, justice are repackaged and sold back to us as “lifestyle”.

I Agree with Chris Beckett, Don’t buy it :-)