The real reason this elephant chart is terrifying
Kaila Colbin

Yep, we’re on a giddy disruptive road to obsolescence :-0

The land enclosures led eventually to the “-isms” of the 20th century.

This “enclosure of the employment landscape” will have similar seismic results- without the unity and bonds from mass common life experience that marked the movements of the previous century.

Coincidentally we have had a few decades now of cultural training to equate paid work with meaning/personal validity…

And the introduction and acceptance of the concept of a “life worth living”/ “death with dignity” — life and death as optional commodity…

Add a background of suffering as distant spectacle (so mass learned impotence) via 24hr news and sadly I don’t much fancy the chances of (some)humans coming out of this one with any dignity.

Or alternatively I’m just reacting to a drop in barometric pressure and actually everything’s fine ;-)

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