Twenty-First Century Junk Food

Junk food. We all know that it’s bad. We keep reminding kids that it’s bad for their health. Still, some of us are still eating it even if it’s not frequent enough to cause noticeable damage to us.

It’s man-made, manufactured food. We keep buying and eating it because it’s delicious and convenient. Though some may say that its ingredients came from the original ones, the process of making it will make it bad.

Well, I think it’s the same when it comes to information. A lot of us are digesting or even devouring new information everyday, and if you think of it, most of it are junk.

I realized half of this article when I sat down and wrote a self assessment. Half of it, is when I had a quick browse in a book store on my way to work.

It maybe in a form of an article, news, a tweet, a facebook status, a video clip, or even a book! It may look informative, useful or entertaining, but if it will never be useful or applicable to us, then it’s definitely just junk.

We are so vulnerable nowadays because most of it is accessible and free. We barely have a way to filter it. Our phones and devices keeps buzzing, remind us for new things to look at, but I think there has to be an efficient way to filter it. Sure, not all of them is a waste of time, and some of it can be a source of inspiration or help for the things that we do or wanted to do, but that doesn’t mean that we have to digest them all right?

Look, I’m no expert in this things, but maybe, being mindful (and maybe meditation) can help us deal with it for starters. Being mindful of our activities and decisions can help us make sure that everything that we do (and absorb) should help us achieve our goals and make more time for the things that really matters.

Be more deliberate in our actions, and always remind ourselves that we don’t really need to know most of these information.