How to read more than what you are reading today!

Many people from various walks of life have asked me how to read more than they do? or how to start reading?

I really don’t know what perfectly answers this question but here is my part.
Reading gives me knowledge, skills, teaches other’s experience and finally it has become a desire. A desire that has to be fulfilled by hook or by crook.
Reading has indeed turned into a habit. It has become as essential as breathing (maybe equally involuntary action). It has started giving me an inner pleasure, happiness that can act as a solid reason to sacrifice other momentary pleasures.

1.Start reading what you really like. Think as if today is the last day you would see this world. If that’s the case what would you like to place before yourself. If that’s the book you start with, things will start falling into place.
2. Try to replace every habit that wastes your precious time and energy with reading. Be it watching TV, gossiping, or trying to take a nap every time you travel short distances. This is the time you should learn investing in reading, once this happens you will become an avid reader.
3. Reward yourself. Want to try a delicious dessert in the newly opened restaurant across the street tonight? Wait! Don’t go for it until and unless you complete one chapter from the book you are currently reading.
4. Be obsessed with collecting books, buy books, gift yourself books! “When I have a little money, I buy books and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes” Mark Zuckerberg named the year 2015 as the year of reading in his life. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet name reading as one of their prominent habit! If you want to read more, buy more. Once you see books on your shelves, maybe one fine day you will open them.
5. Whenever I find a movie to be a book adaption, I promise myself to read the book before I watch the movie. And believe me, it works, be it Martian or Hunger Games!
6. Make reading a habit! “Habits are like a cable. We weave a strand of it everyday and soon it cannot be broken” It becomes a part of your everyday life (maybe unknowingly). It takes tremendous commitment, great efforts for making an action into a habit, for it is a process. And the initial step needs enormous force, it is the first thrust, the thrust similar to the one required to send an object outside earth’s gravitational pull.
7. You need to remember that this is a long-term investment. So just scanning through the pages isn’t significant. What is even more important is what you eventually gain out of it. Making notes or taking these experiences alone with you through lifetime is what I would prefer calling an ultimate goal. For instance, think 10 years down the lane you start building a startup. Maybe the book you are reading today has experiences that are essential for your business to flourish and reach greater heights. Now think of how important these notes will eventually turn out to be. Perhaps they will be diamonds in the coal mine, when you are working as hard as the miner is!
Ultimately it depends on you!
Whether you want to read or not,
Whether you want to replace your bad habits with reading or not,
Whether you are ready to sacrifice what gives you momentary pleasure over what you want eventually.
I’m nobody to persuade you to change. For if you don’t read, you stand on the other side of the gate. And the process to open this self-guarded gate and come to my side of the gate will be equally painful for you as it was for me!

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