People are angry at me for what I said about rape
Salma Sitara

I loved both this and the original article. It is so true what you say! People don’t just become rapists for no reason. In fact, nobody does much of anything for no reason. And I know that to mention the alcohol aspect is to court denigration from people, but nothing changes the fact that if you are a young woman and you go out and drink to the point of oblivion, you are putting yourself in an incredibly, incredibly vulnerable position. That’s not to say that anyone should take advantage of that, but PEOPLE DO and we all know it! To take that chance is a risk, whether it ought to be or not.

I have been raped, and I have been sexually assaulted on more than one occasion, sadly. I would never give a pass to the men involved. But I know that if we don’t start taking care of the little boys and men in our society, this will continue to be a result. More effed-up people, more rapists, more acceptance of rape culture. I have two sons, and I know I was an unusual mother in telling each of them that it was okay to NOT WANT a sexual encounter. It was okay to say no. We tell our daughters that but our sons are expected to enjoy every single sexual encounter and if they don’t, there is something wrong with them. They are shamed and ridiculed. This is just wrong!

Keep writing and using your highly sensitive and empathic mind to analyse these charged social issues. The world needs your voice.

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