This is my blog number one hundred and twenty four. This is exaggeration, but I am quite sure that this is at least the fifth time I am starting a blog. But last time it was not my fault, I started application on Azure, and unfortunately, it became corrupted. Bam. Everything gone. And of course I haven’t saved a single word. Yeah, but at least I learned that I should make backups.

Regarding basics, my basic school was in Trutnov. Small town in Czech republic. It was across busy street, and first, we had a teacher who believed that my generation do not need to write. That everything we will write will be on computers. And she is almost right! 90% of the text I write nowadays is written on the computer. However, I changed the school after three years. And my new teacher found out I can’t write. Well, that sucked. And I also personally believe that these 10% of handwritten things are usually the most important things of all. But when I am now thinking about my basic school, let’s hypothesise. What would be the words I would tell myself if I could go back in time?

  • Hi, I am you from the future! Backup your files!

Nah, that’s just plainv stupid. Even though I would definitely believe that this guy is me from the future (I am very gullible), the rest of the sentence would not make sense for me. At that moment I was at most playing Prince of Persia. I did not know what the file is. Or what back up means. Okay, definitely not this.

  • Hi, I am you from the future! Don’t go back in time!

I am just interested in what kind of paradox would that cause. What the hell would that young myself think? And what would happen to my time travelling myself? Would he just disappear? Would that hurt? Yeah, and what would happen with all those timetravelling Jans? Maybe this and that databackuping Jan would just go to the pub. I definitely would like to hang out with myself. But wow, that would be weird. I would already know everything the other Jan knows. And vice versa.

  • Hi, I am you from the future! THE PAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIN. And then disappear.

Well, that would definitely fuck up the my younger self.

  • Hi, I am you from the future! And then disappear.

Actually, the result here would be almost the same.

  • Hi, I am you from the future! You should really consider whether you want to learn to ride the bike.

I have several scars on my face and neck. All but one are from riding the bike. But I still like it!

However, I cannot go back in time. But I can send a message to my future self.

  • Hi, I am you from the past! You definitely should eat less. You should excercise more. And love and learn as much as you can. You definitely don’t need more things, but learn to appreciate those you already have. I hope that you will not f*ck up that studium in Amsterdam. Yeah, and don’t f*ck this blog either, it will be valuable in the future as well.

So, this was my short introduction. These are my basics on which I am going to build this blog on. In the future, you could expect here some short articles about R, data science and data analysis. I would like to write about tech-infrastructure industry as well. I would like to write these articles as a way to learn for myself as well, and from this premise it is evident that I don’t know now what I will be writing about. Let’s see. However I intent to make it lightheaded, maybe with some weird hypothesis and so on.

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