Hdac — M2M Transaction Platform based on Blockchain

Hdac is a M2M Transaction Platform based on Blockchain backed by Hyundai BS&C. Our new technology allows fast, secure and effective communication between IoT devices. Society in the future will be “hyper-connected” and digital innovation will be continuously reintegrated into global economic systems. New technology will be enabled by an appropriate combination of blockchain (which has its value as a cryptocurrency) and the IoT. The market and consumers will demand more reliable and more affordable industrial transactions. This will lead to the development of Machine Currencies which can be implemented using and within hybrid blockchain technology.

Hdac goal is to harness that opportunity to help you go “Beyond the Human Pay”. Through secure Blockchain technology, Hdac can assign contracts to all your smart devices to fit your life pattern. In layman’s terms, we make your life easier. So, why Hdac? We’re the next generation digital service platform based on trust. And we’re just getting started.

Blockchains and cryptocurrencies are expected to serve as reliable, secure, and efficient transaction instruments for the Internet of Things [IoT] environment in the near future. Machine-to-Machine [M2M] transaction will be implemented with peer-to-peer [P2P] transaction that improves upon the high cost and low efficiency structure of the current centralized billing / deposit / settlement system used in such industries as apartment management and mobile billing.

Hdac Private Blockchain [HdacT] is a blockchain based smart transaction method on the Hdac platform, is designed to perform a given task under the various commanding conditions in the IoT environment. HdacT provides these M2M transaction functions and a simple transaction service environment, and with the rationality and efficiency that the Hdac platform pursues, it will be the platform of choice for use and control with IoT devices.

In an environment such as a smart home or factory, various devices equipped with sensors, which are closely interconnected using a private blockchain, can be configured to operate more safely and reliably in accordance with each other’s conditions. A private blockchain is configured to perform not only user authentication but also mutual authentication between devices, generating and securely recording operation details and scenario-based IoT contracts.

We are creating a reliable ecosystem in which transaction services run across the general Hdac space and the private, purpose-built objective blockchains by configuring the private and public blockchains so they are interconnected.

The use of private blockchains is only practical if they are able to interact with a public blockchain which is already operating. In this regard, we provide Hdac ? a platform and cryptocurrency-enabled public blockchain that can be effectively used with multiple private blockchains. In other words, with our blockchain-by-use, transactions are possible beyond the P2P settlement of the public blockchain. In a controlled private blockchain network, we implement Hdac*T for mutual contracts and transactions between IoT devices, thereby enabling more accessible, reliable, and secure consumption and M2M transaction processes.

Main Features of Hdac Blockchain

Custom DAC can be created and used without limitations, and the name of the asset will be defined or freely created and distributed by an authorized administrator. This asset can be circulated and used similarly to the existing native coin.

There are various rights management functions, and an administrator who builds the first blockchain node can grant authority to other nodes. Types of authority can be access rights, permissions to transmit and receive, mining rights, rights to generate assets, etc., and can be changed effectively during operation.

The Hdac private blockchain provides convenient installation and configuration functions, and the blockchain can be easily configured as defined by the user. In addition, the new node configuration can be done simply with only a single line command to participate in the existing blockchain as a full node and all configurations are automatically copied and shared.

Enhanced multi-user signatures are provided to support services such as secure P2P transaction. It also provides the ability to communicate by creating encrypted channels between two specific users.

Hdac is based on blockchains and accommodates all the features of a typical blockchain. The limitations of the blockchain itself are evolving one by one over time. Hdac differs from other platforms based on blockchains by having modified or supplemented several functions to distinguish it in terms of capacity, security, functionality, and speed.

The limited capacity of the block and extra data part of the existing blockchain was modified to be used flexibly in the data loading part. This enables various applications using blockchains.

In the case of a private blockchain that is backed by the Hdac platform, security must be enhanced. By generating random numbers to create identifying keys through a quantum random number generator it is possible to eliminate the possibility of hacking through number pattern analysis, thereby greatly improving the security of the technology and associated transactions.

Hdac is based on and improved from MultiChain, which is a blockchain improved from Bitcoin. Hdac has specifically explored blockchains to efficiently support IoT environments and to provide various services quickly and effectively to private blockchains.

Hdac provides a way to store large amounts of additional data in a transaction as an IoT-oriented blockchain in the future. Also, transaction size can be dynamically adapted if required for IoT security and application service expansion.

Strategy of the Hdac Ecosystem Development

Construction of Hdac Blockchain Platform

  • Establishment of mid to long-term business vision
  • Progress of Hdac POC & Global TGE

Construction of Hdac Blockchain Platform Service

  • Completion of development of Blockchain & IoT Convergence
  • Derivation and Quantification of Business Perspective

Hdac Eco-system Composition

  • Blockchain for M2M Platform Global Standarization
  • Establish Global Hdac Brand Image
  • Establishment if IoT ecosystem
  • Expansion of Convergence

Hdac Advantages

Eco-friendly, fair mining

Energy-saving, equitable chance. That is the Hdac philosophy. To create a block you must mine. A general blockchain consensus algorithm consists of Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS). This method, however, often results in excessive and unnecessary energy usage (PoW) while concentrated mining creates an unequal share among participants with a select few stakeholders controlling the network (PoS).

Our ePoW aims to eradicate power inefficiency and mining monopoly. By applying a block window concept, we overcome common limitations and welcome an extended group of stakeholders within an evenly distributed, decentralised network.

Connecting Chains

We seamlessly link Public and Private Blockchains. Firstly, it’s crucial to interpret a node as any device connecting to the blockchain network. Now, a Public Blockchain is open. A Private Blockchain requires an invitation. As a result, the “permissioned” nature of the latter means it’s unlikely to be accessed by nodes as freely as the former. Problem created.

Cue Bridge Node, an intermediary which contains key configuration information in order to link the two. Problem solved. In essence, Hdac allows you to enjoy the best of both.

Enhanced device security

With great blockchain comes great responsibility. Hdac keeps you safe. As with every digital transaction, cyber criminals loom. Hdac implements a specific authentication scheme by applying a Quantum Random Number (beginning with our identifiable characters “Hdac”) to eliminate the possibility of hacking.

Hdac Token Information

Token Name : DAC

Token Value : 0.1 BTC = 2,200 DAC ( 400 DAC Bonus Included )

We will provide an extra bonus of 400 dac per 0.1 BTC when participating in the TGE

Hdac TGE Opening : November 27, 2017 — December 22, 2017

The total issuance amount will be 12 billion DAC

  • 7% of DAC will be kept for capital reserve.
  • 7% of DAC will be distributed to the Hdac presale / TGE participants.
  • The remaining 86% of DAC can be earned through equitable ‘ePoW’ mining. The first block reward will be 5,000 DAC. Anyone can participate in the Hdac mining for the next 170 years.

Road Map


  • Hdac consensus algorithm — launched
  • Hdac operating environment field test — completed
  • Hardware Wallet — to launch
  • Advanced Security Module — to launch
  • Hdac apps API — to launch


  • Hdac operating environment — to launch
  • Hdac IoT Contract PoC
  • IoT authentication and device control
  • Private Blockchain PoC
  • Smart IoT diffusion PoC


  • Practical application of Hdac IoT Contract & Smart Home — to launch
  • Practical application of Hdac IoT Contract & Smart Factory — to launch
  • Hdac Hybrid Blockchain — development


  • IoT High Speed ​​Transaction Distributed Processing Blockchain — development
  • Private Blockchain Security Enhancements , Advanced Security Module Ver 2.0 — to launch
  • Hdac Hybrid Blockchain Network Live Operation


Hdac Site : https://hdac.io/

Hdac Telegram : https://t.me/Hdac_TGE

Hdac Twitter : https://twitter.com/Hdactech

Profile bitcoin : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1343532

BTC Addr : 133cVyNaLPFQbzCMGQfthNq1GXw5dBuSzp

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