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Crypto Mining & Miner

When a user requests for a transaction to send or receive a crypto currency, the transaction is sent to a series of computers called nodes and then sent out into the blockchain. The blockchain then works by sending a digital ledger to be verified by several different computers called miners. These miners essentially verify and stamps their approvals on it and send it on to the next computer for further verification. This cycle goes on and on as new transactions are requested and processed. This step of verification is called Proof of Work (PoW) and involves utilising computing power to process and solve complex mathematical equations. And as a reward for their time and computing power, these miners receive a certain amount of the crypto currencies for each block that they successfully find and this process keeps the blockchain secure.

Miners are hardware which are either graphic processing units (GPUs) or application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) running at full capacity 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There is no rest for these hardwares. With great stress and non stop processing, break downs with these miners are definitely common occurrences. And to send them to repair or to replace them would mean time lost out at mining and decreasing profitabilities each and every second.

For our mining, we have our technicians that will be onsite in shifts monitoring every miner through our cloud management platform. This cloud management platform works by having data constantly being relayed to a cloud system in which the technicians will monitor and if there is a break down or a problem, the technicians can trouble shoot, repair or replace if needed, the faulty miner at the site itself almost instantly. Thus assuring that no time is wasted.

We have seen many different cloud mining companies conceal their locations and type of source of energy they use. This is done because they want to hide their trade secrets and prevent competitors knowing where their sources of cheap power comes from. They further deny to say how much their hash rates are exactly again, because of trade secrets and fear of competition. But we, being Veritas Mining Company, we believe in full transparency.

Essentially what makes or breaks a crypto mine is the cost of electricity and operations to maintain it. We have the best of both worlds. Firstly, we have managed purchase cheap, renewable and sustainable energy. Our mines are built on the same sites of the solar, wind, bio-waste and bio-gas energy farms. The sites have abundance of space for us to set up our mines. The total land area available for us to use in all 3 sites in the states of Suphanburi, Saraburi and Khao Yai is close to 100 Rai. Which when converted to square meters is 160,000m2 (One hundred and sixty thousand square meters). Basically, we don’t have to fear running out of space to expand our mines. Each site has surplus power of at least 15mW (15 Mega watts). We would be purchasing this power from them at cost price, (US$0.028 to US$0.035 per kWh) and based on our research, we are able to compete with Northern Europe, Russia or China in terms of electricity costs. And it’s renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly too.

We believe that the future for Scrypt algorithm is very bright and that many new cryptocurrencies will be using that algorithm. We would thus be investing more on Scrypt ASIC miners than the other algorithm ASIC miners.

Our Vision

At Veritas Mining Company, we believe in turning renewable green energy into cryptocurrency by means of crypto mining. Crypto mining is highly profitable when done on a large scale basis and it is essentially turning electricity into digital assets. In today’s environment, Crypto mining is done globally. What we offer is an eco-friendly, sustainable and renewable energy powered form of mega crypto mining, in an environmentally stable country with no risks of natural disasters.

We would also be creating a wallet, Vidulum. which would be able to store and transact different kinds of cryptocurrencies. The wallet would allow seamless exchange from any cryptocurrency to another within the platform’s integrated exchange.

Veritas Mining Advantages :

  • Cost Efficient, We have partnered with a green & renewable energy company to build our mines on site
  • Eco-Friendly, We use Solar, Wind & Bio-Gas/Waste energy sources to power our mines natural flowing water sources to keep them cool
  • Profitable, With cheap operating costs and optimization of our mines, we aim to be among the most profitable
  • Innovative, We are constantly researching and finding ways to develop better software for future integration into blockchain technology

We aim to build and grow an ecosystem that is supportive of one another in terms of growth and economies of scale. These are the technologies and activities we will pursue :

  • Utilising the most advanced and efficient mining rigs and ASICs for optimised retuning for our ECO-Mining operation.
  • Creating Ponos-Mining, a software application in which would allow normal systems to mine for the most rewarding cryptocurrencies during the computers’ idle time or anytime the user wishes to. An algorithm will select the cryptocurrency to mine based on computer hardware and also profitability of cryptocurrencies. striking a balance between efficiency and profitability. We will be forming our own mining pool with this platform.
  • We will also create our own multi cryptocurrency wallet, Vidulum that will allow exchanges to be made within itself with an exchange API. Simply put, a wallet and exchange all in one platform.
  • A Marketplace platform, OneMarketStreet. It allows our users to browse and invest in both fiat and crypto financial instruments and also keep track of their portfolio and balances in real time. This will be a platform for retail services in the future.

Token Sale

In order to attain our goals on our milestones and road map, we will be raising the funds required through a token sale. The token holders will be rewarded with dividends of profit sharing in the form of Ethereum every quarter. We hope that in this way, a long term source of income will be available to our token holders, therefore also increasing the capital value of our tokens itself.

Token Name : VRTM

Total Token Issued : 135,000,000 (Includes bonuses)

Token to ETH Exchange Rate : 1 VRTM = 0.001 ETH

Pre-Sale Start Date : 28th October 2017

Pre-Sale Token Bonus : 50% (Drops 5% every 3 Days)

Pre-Sale Token Cap : 5,000,000 VRTM

Minimum Pre-sale Purchase : 0.25 ETH

General Token Sale Start Date : 24th November 2017

General Sale Week 1 & 2 Bonus : 25%

General Sale Week 3 & 4 Bonus : 10%

General Sale Week 5–8 Bonus : No Bonus

Minimum General Sale Purchase : 0.25 ETH

Ethereum Soft Cap : 1750 ETH or US$ 500,000 / — **

Ethereum Hard Cap : 100,000 ETH

Token Type : Ethereum ERC 20

Token Distributions :

  • 18 additional tokens will be created with every 100 tokens sold.
  • These 18 tokens are issued for our partners, founders, team and advisors including Bounty.
  • Unsold Tokens will be burnt.


Veritas Mining Site :

Veritas Mining ANN :

Profile bitcoin :;u=1343532

ETH Addr : 0x0243E433ee123cDB927e22e99FA31D0d34195A38

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