Yeah, you know that feeling — the feeling of success and pure ecstasy when something you’ve been working on for hours, …days, …YEARS finally works.

Ok I might be exaggerating slightly (or more than slightly), but I finally got my bootstrap-select-rails and bootstrap-multiselect-rails gems to work! They are magical so thank you to both Slashek and benjamincanac.

Not entirely sure why I was having so much trouble … I kept getting the error “file not found with type ‘text/css’”. I tend to react without much thought when I meet those red-font-filled pages of death, googling frantically and being really pissed off. I’ve matured since then (and by then, I mean 10 min ago) and have learned that sometimes it helps to read the error(s). I figured out that while the gems were installed (checked terminal using ‘gem list’), the associated CSS and JS files still weren’t in my app. Downloading the gem zips and copying/pasting these files into my app seemed to have fixed the problem.

I thought when you install a gem, the associated files are automatically included (is ‘included’ the right word?) in your app. I have never had to manually copy/paste files from a gem’s zip file into my app, and hope I don’t need to do this going forward. I thought that’s what installing a gem did for you.

Anyway, I’ve asked my instructor about this, and will update this post once I receive a response!

TLDR: Read your errors.

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