Essential checklist for property buyers

Purchasing a property, and that too for the first time, has always been a tricky task. Just like in any other industry, the trends in real estate are dynamic as well. Besides all those legal hassles, one has to be very accurate about his budget also. It takes a lot of money, so you can simply not ignore it.

Before you move any forward, keep note that you must never stop questioning. The more you inquire, the more you will get answers. Let us discuss some crucial points in brief here.

Buy what you can afford now

Most people don’t consider this point until the only option they are left later on with, is regret. Plan the budget of the property according to your currently earning. It is true that you will be earning more in the up and coming years. But never ignore the expenses that come along. Don’t get carried away by your desires; be smart.

Once you have managed your expenses, you can make additions to the property, but for the time being, go with the current situation. Never invite the stress to your place for no reason.

Searching is time-consuming

We always schedule a lot of things in our lives. One must always understand that searching for a property is not as easy as it might look from miles away. It takes a lot of time to find the right one. Everyone has a different timeline, and there’s no need to rush. This is about your hard earned money.

If you have been renting, make sure you stay on a month-to-month agreement so that you don’t have to face the penalties while moving out.

Loan without a Bank

You got confused, right? But it’s effortless to understand. Neither do you have to involve a bank, nor do you need to ask money from friends or anyone. The concept is rarely being followed yet, but owner financed homes save quite a lot of money. For instance, we suppose that you have been looking for property in Costa Rica; so you can opt for owner financed property Costa Rica.

Stats for the rest of the world are yet to be known, but there are a lot of owner financed homes for sale in Costa Rica. Owner financing is simply paying the money to the seller in the form of installments, but at a somewhat lesser rate of interest than what a bank would charge. Owner financing Costa Rica is in trend these days in the state. Decide wisely so that you can save something at the end of the deal.

Sniff out the issues at the property

Once you have the property in your name, you will have to live there. So before getting it registered, it is a great idea to see if something’s wrong with the land or the area around it. Check from the smallest to the biggest of the things like; water pressure, heating and air conditions, and all sorts of stuff.

Water leakage or cracks in the structure ask for a lot of money to be repaired. So cross-check every possible thing you think can cause you problems later on. You can take your family along so the work can be shared for that matter.

Be wise while choosing an agent

Last, but apparently not the least, thing to consider is to hire the best property agent. There are so many of them out there that you will get confused. How do you decide the best one? Well, ask a lot of questions. You will get to know the experience that he has in the field.

The more experienced ones are mostly able to pinpoint any issues with the property. These issues can potentially end up turning into costly affairs. It can even stir up the conflicts, so avoid all these problems in advance.


So, these were some of the parameters that one must consider before purchasing property anywhere in the world, because the basis of an industry remains the same everywhere.